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Chor1BHow everything began

In the 1980s employees of all wards of the Missionsärztlichen Klinik (clinic), Würzburg, Germany gathered under the baton of Renate Geiser (MD for internal medicine, trained church musician and singer) to sing and make music together.
We are united by the enthusiasm for African music, by its liveliness and power which we can in part only imagine but also feel time and again.

Our songs

Most of our songs have been gathered by Renate Geiser and some of the choir members in the course of Sunday services or traditional feasts during occupational and private stays in Africa.
The arrangement of the music for the songs is mostly done by Renate Geiser herself.

African choir members and friends help us to enlarge our repertoire as they bring with them melodies from their home countries. With great patience they introduce us to the unknown languages, particular rhythms and dancing steps which for them are a matter of course.


Vivid, powerful impulses are given by the TROMMELHAUS-Ensemble. With empathy and enormous commitment they impart to us the characteristic features of African music.
The TROMMELHAUS-Ensemble also performs own compositions.
In this way with songs, rhythms and sounds from Tanzania, Congo, Ethiopia, Kenya, Sudan, Senegal, Ghana, Togo, Guinea, South Africa, Nigeria and Zimbabwe the diversity of African culture can in part be experienced.

Performances and concerts

MISSIO CHOR and TROMMELHAUS-Ensemble perform during services in and around the city of Würzburg. With benefit concerts and by selling CDs with the best songs of their programme medical and social projects, primarily in Africa, are supported. The MISSIO CHOR thus also supports projects of the Missionsärztliches Institut (catholic institution for international health)

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Dr. Renate Geiser
Missionsärztliches Institut Würzburg
Salvatorstraße 7
97074 Würzburg

(photos: Ignas Kawedi Shayo)